th his remarks about the value of the sulphur deposits in the volcano. Through this gentleman's advice the general applied to

the Government for permission to work the deposits, and he obtained a concession that gave him control of the mountain down to the limit of vegetati

on. Afterwards he purchased the rancho of Tlamacas, and established a refinery there; he has spent a great deal Of time in the crater, a

nd as he is an able geologist he has much to say about it that is interesting.' "According to his theory, which is based on the lignite formed at the bottom of the crater, there has not been an eruption of Popo for seven thousand years; by that he means an eruption on a scale corresponding to the size of the mountain, and not an occasional disturbance, in which the [Pg 304] crater throws up a few discharges of stones and an unusual quantity of steam and sulphur vapors. In Prescott's 'History of the Conquest of Mexico' there is an account of an eruption in 1521, taken from a letter of Diego Ordaz, one of t


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